Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spooktacular Starters

You're probably in one of 3 sitatuions for Halloween.

1. You're having a party.  You've got to plan a costume, plan the menu, shop, decorate, send the e-vites and get the house ready.  The food needs to look festive- taste great- and there needs to be lots of it.
2. You're going to a party.  THis means you've got to have a fabulous costume and bring a fabulous dish to pass.  You want everyone to gush over the dish you made- how cute it is, how great it tastes, and you'll of couse want to be asked for the recipe like 20 times. 
3. You're staying home, passing out candy and watching a scary movie with your sweetie.  You know you're being lame and want to spice up the evening.  A few festive snacks to go with the all night movie marathon are a must!

Ok- so regardless if you fall into Category 1, 2 or 3 you don't want to spend the next 2 weeks surfing the web and testing recipes.  Don't worry!  That's what 365.entertain.everyday is for!  Here is my top 5 Spooktacular Starters.

Mummy Dogs
The have 3 big wins: tastey, cute, EASY!

Pumpkin Face Pizza

Pizza! A perfect party food.  Though I love this cute concept, go with your own favorite pizza recipe and then do the cute veggie pumpkins on top of that!
 (I always used the refridgerated dough or a pre-made crust)

Pumpkin Cheesball
If you've been to a party with me you know I hover by the cheeseball. MMMM! Here's a fun one for Halloween!  (ditch the apples though and serve with crackers!)

Bone Breadsticks
These cute easy treats are sure to be a hit.  For a hidden suprise, wrap the dough around a mozzerella cheese stick for an oohy-gooey center before you bake them.

Italian Eye Ball Bites
A last taste of summer!  Tomato and mini mozzerella balls (with olives) are layered on basil leaves and drizzled with EVOO. Love it!

(Image courtesy L. Marie’s flickr.)

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