Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Decor under $20

I love to be festive around any holiday but hate spending a small fortune on all the cute little things for my house because frankly who has the extra cash for that?! I could get new clothes or go on a fab dinner date or whatever... BUT I can't stand not getting out a box of decorations and putting up all of the fun themed things. So here iis a quick easy way to get a lot of "look" for less!

I recently got inspired while grocery shopping. I saw all of these awesome sugar pumpkins, squash and Indian corn in the produce section and thought to heck with eating these, they would be a great way to decorate the mantel. Then a stop at the Dollar Store for a few cheap strands of leaves and things and I was set. I barely spent $20 for this great fall look!

To get this look for your mantel you'll need:
2- sugar pumpkins (1 orange, 1 green)
2- gourds (1 yellow, 1 orange)
2-mini pumpkins
2-bundles of dried Indian corn
2- strands of fake fall leaves
1- Halloween themed sign or figurine for you focal point (I used a wooden witches hat sign)

Start by putting your Halloween themed centerpiece in the middle of your mantel. Then on each side place your Indian corn upright (use the centerpiece for balance). Next put your orange pumpkin/gourd on the far ends of the mantel. Then fill in the remaining spaces on either side of your Indian corn with your green/yellow pumpkin/gourds. Weave the stands of fall leaves through the pumpkins etc. to fill in the gaps. Finally place your remaining mini pumpkins throughout to add pops of color. (see pic for a visual aid) I also had a fake mum plant wrapped in craft paper that I added to mine in the pics above.

*** SHOPPING TIP-Another great place to get fall decor is Hobby Lobby-- everything is 50% off so it's a great time to pick up a new candy dish or serving platter.

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