Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last taste of summer produce

The chilly fall air means summer is definitely over (though it never really started here in Michigan) but the produce section at the grocery store if full of sweet summer fruit.  Right now you can get a great deal on sweet peaches, nectarines and plums so buy them up while you can!  I've got the perfect recipe that combines this sweet summer fruit with a taste of fall and will totally impress your friends!  The best part is there is no cooking involved just assembling!

Carly's Peach Cobbler Parfaits
1 package of country style biscuits (pre-baked in bakery section)
6-10 peaches (peeled, sliced and sprinkled with sugar)
2 cans of vanilla pudding (i usually use a higher quailty brand in the baking isle)
1 package of gingersnap cookies (broken up into peices)
1 can of whipped cream
4 tall parfait style glasses or wine goblets ect.

Start by putting a dollop of pudding in the bottom of each glass then topping with crumbled biscuit peices.  Next spoon some peaches and juice over buscuits, top with whipped cream and crumbled gingersnaps.  Repeat this layering process until your glass is full.  Crumble gingersnaps over top.  Chill- Enjoy! 

***If you make these before dinner it will give the biscuits time to soak up the delicious peach syrup!

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